"Dead Rabeed" or "Holy Grenade on The Rabbit" Directed by Abe Harb

"Dead Rabeed" or "Holy Grenade on The Rabbit" was performed at BYOT (Bring Your Own Theater) on 8-29-15 at Uncharted Used Bookstore, in Chicago, IL. See video below!

The monthly BYOT shows consist of five original plays and one special act all produced in less than 24 hours and premiered in venues across Chicago. The last weekend of every month a different venue and theme are chosen. The writers crank out pieces in 12 hours and in less than 12 hours it is blocked, the props are created and the actors bring it to life. Visit www.BYOTproductions.com for more information.

"Dead Rabeed" or "Holy Grenade on The Rabbit"

Written by
Vinny Greco and Zach Wziontka
Directed by
Abe Harb
Rabbito (Matt Lightfoot)
Janus (Ryan Wright)
Vanessa (Heather Shorey)
Martha (Kat Zaldo)
Meg aka the voice at the end (Meg Reilly)

Production Staff:
Emcee: Matt DeFiore and Josh Leeper
Dramaturg: Kevin Sparrow
Prop Master: Megan Richards
Light and Sound Board Operator: Ryan Numrich
Production Manager: Rachel Silvert

Location: Uncharted Books
2620 N. Milwaukee Ave