[  Abe Harb  ]

Abe is Palestinian and a life long Chicagoan as well as a a first generation college graduate from Northeastern IL University in Chicago, IL. He first fell deeply in love with reading fiction and non-fiction in grammar school. This is when the entire world should have known Abe would be a life long reader. Throughout high school, he continued to be introduced to writers like Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson. These writers would not only function as a starting point for his education on literature but would also be inspiration for Abe's writing style for years to come. Mixing a morse style with romanticism or optimism. 

His college years would open the door for learning more about different types of writing and creativity - specifically poetry and theatre. During this time, he publish his first poem, "Love to Love" in 2011 and wrote his first short play, "Timing" in 2012 as part of an entry to a Play Festival at Wright College. This was also his directorial and creative director debut. What started out as a call for playwrights and a gentle suggestion from a college professor turned into a fruitful experience for Abe. From there, he was Editor-in-Chief of The Wright Side at Wright College and recipient of the Harold Wilcox Award for Literary Excellence and also was a reporter and section editor for the college newspaper. 

After getting his Associates in Liberal Arts, his college journey took him to Northeastern Illinois University, he ventured more into the theatre side of the creative world while remaining an arts & life writer at the newspaper and the Co-Editor-in-Chief of SEEDS Literary and Visual Arts Journal. In 2014, he made his debut as stage crew at Stage Center Theatre as an Assistant Stage Manager. This is where he found his second calling and eventually was the Stage Manager for several productions as a student and after graduation, as an independent contractor. He made his acting debut in 2015 in an Experimental Theatre course play that was inspired by existing text and written/ performed by the students. 

After college, his creativity took a hard right turn. Throughout the years, Abe held roles within companies that used tenured employees to train instead of having a training team. Although he loved this responsibility, he yearned for a trainer/ teacher role but did not want to be an teacher in an school setting. After years of playing this unofficial role, Abe became a trainer in 2021. In this capacity, he is able to take writing skills and all the other creativity skills he cultivated - and uses them to create training programs that foster retention and learning that is not process dense. He continues to write and will never stop using that outlet as a way to process life and all that comes with it.