From Coast to Coast

By Abrahim Harb

Trading in subway rides for bike rides –
Trading in a 4th floor apartment without an elevator for something more manageable –
Trading in life without needing a car for life most likely needing a car –
Trading in snow worn concrete for sun soaked concrete –
Trading in a short season for sweater weather for a longer season of sweater weather –
          (Trading their cold weather heavy wardrobe for lighter layers, if you’re asking me…)

Trading Broadway for beaches –
Trading in Saturday walks across the Brooklyn Bridge for Saturday hikes in the El Cajon Mountains –
Trading in Prospect Park for Balboa Park –
Trading in Fort Hamilton for Naval Base San Diego –
Trading in the Brooklyn Museum of Art for the San Diego Museum of Art –
Trading in bodega’s for markets –
Trading in late night $1 slices of New York pizza for California style pizza –
Trading in hot dogs, bagels, and deli sandwiches for fish tacos, oysters, and carne asada burritos –
          (Trading one foodie city for another, if you’re asking me…)

Trading summer trips to upstate New York for summer trips to Mexico –
Trading in Manhattan and Staten Island for Chula Vista and La Mesa –
Trading New Jersey and Philadelphia for Arizona and Nevada –
Trading in flights clocking in at 2 hours and 30 minutes from LGA for 4 hour flights from SAN –
Trading in the city that never sleeps for a city where the sun never stops shining –
          (Just like the famous saying - if they can make it there, they can make it anywhere…)