and of farewell

By Abrahim Harb

Elliotts Dairy and Deli, RIP 3-17-10

The day came,
and it was too soon
We said our good byes
and took that last walk.

The signs were all there
while we cleaned that fateful night,
but we just chose to ignored them.

Its been a amazing three years,
the memories we made while working,
the moments that cant even be recreated,
the forever lasting friendships,
and the sound of clanging of dishes,
will forever be in my heart and soul.
I now know how it feels to miss something deeply,
its only been one day, and i feel that empty void.

Even though the decision was inevitable,
and it left us all in tears.
it came to a hault after over 50 years
I just wanted to thank the Elliotts family-

We are broken for now,
but our souls will mend
as a wise man once said;

Man's feelings are always purest and
most glowing in the hour of meeting
and of farewell.

make sure its not took long,
before I see you again,
and as for you my second home.
your future is uncertain,
but your memory will be eternal
like a flame that never blows out
or...or...i cant even think straight.

Farewell unto forever my dear...