Should Love Feel Like a Wall?

By Abrahim Harb

Should love be like a wall?


Then you are on one side
And your lover is the other side.

Communication is hard.
You can never hold their hand,
make love,
have intimate moments
or even see their face.

Dare I say, it's blind love? Because it is.

I pause and wait for a reply.


love should be like a wall.

I want my lover to strive for their life.

I don't want to be the only reason for them to wake up every morning—
He must strive for his greatness
And to be a strong and powerful individual.
I think momentarily and shout back over the wall.

What's the point of being a powerful individual—
then going home to a partner that is always keeping you on the other side of the wall?
You can't be in love
You can't see the love

Build a wall, for your own sanity—

But allow me to come onto your side.
Allow me to hold your hand,
to make love,
to have intimate moments
and to see your unveiled face.
Should love be like a wall?


You should never live life like a wall...

You'll always feel alone.
And by choice you'll feel secluded.

I ask for a window to be installed in the wall.

He yells something over the wall—

But I can't hear what he says.

So I just walk away.

Should love be like a wall?

Should it....    ?

* Should Love Feel Like a Wall? appears in an earlier published version here.