The Indepedent Archive (2013-2014)

All of my articles from The Independent appear after the jump.
Note: They appear in random order.

I joined the staff of The Independent in February 2013.

I was a contributing writer until I was promoted to staff writer in October 2013

In September 2013, a story I pitched and co-wrote (see below) titled "NEIU Bathroom Etiquette for Men/ Womens' Washroom Woes" garnered attention all over campus and we ran out of copies because everyone grabbed one to read it.

In January 2014, I decided to focus on other things, 
but occasionally wrote for The Independent. 

January 2015 is the last time I wrote an article. 

In May 2015 I graduated from NEIU.

*The one on the left is just my piece, the one on the right is the full spread

CORRECTION: In the "Apple Allegedly Evading Taxes" story,
published in the Independent on June 4, 2013, a testimony of Senator
Carl Levin was dated May 21 of 2012. The correct date is May 21, 2013