Yearning Love

By Abrahim Harb

Oh me. Oh my. What old fashion
Ways can I use to show my passion?

I sent a dove
To proclaim my love...
Yes! I have my decision
Made with finite precision.

Signed with a kiss,
And excitement and bliss.
I can feel your caress
no longer do the messes
Created matter
Replacing a fuss with friendly chatter.

It cannot be lust
Proclaiming this I must.
Nor am I fond
Of this pond,
Separating this love and the final bit of glue,
From eternally binding me and you,

I love you...
Like Tennyson throughout the ages.
My love, my boo...
Like ink and poetry loves crisp pages.

1 comment:

Crys said...

I love alot about this poem. It shows truth in feelings. It is well thought out. The style is fresh and yet traditional. I love the concept behind it. It has a wonderful flow that makes the poem easy to follow but at the same time draws in deep. Very personal and there is a sense of longing. It has a deep meaning and it speaks to me on a higher level. It hits close to home to say the least. The title is a excellent choice as well. Even if it was named untitled if one looked hard enough they could see that it in its self is Yearning Love, that wanting desire so the title is very appropriate. The science terms also capture my attention by using them in almost a different way. The first line its self brings a smile to me because it questions what old fashion ways can one show their love and affection, yet in the style it is written is in its self one of the oldest ways to do so. Its one of the most old and passionate ways to say I love you. Keep up the wonderful work.