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By Abrahim Harb

You're fucking ugly 

just, on the inside it nauseates me
& my gag reflex responds.
But I can not control this ugliness,

Nor can it be washed away, like makeup.

I attempt to steer your ugliness,
trying to make it pretty again
usually, you ignore everything:

You cause trouble
I cover your stupid ass
You hurt somebody’s feelings
I make good by them
You lie and lie and
I get caught in the web

It’s all about you, you, you;
with little thoughts of “Oh! I fucked up!”
at least not to me.

Lose those you, you, you thoughts;
and your teen angst,
think of it all.

the years of
feelings, lies
and tears
the hurt
the trouble
the fears
and tears.

you should be you,
not the you,
others want.

and perhaps you can be fucking pretty,
on the inside as well?