Roads not traveled

By Abrahim Harb

Follow a path,
become the path,
know how to avoid the old potholes
and anticipate the newly formed ones.

Life is like a road.
some are paved,
some have holes in them,
and the rest are just unpaved roads.
I drive my way:
swerving into and out of lanes,
causes people to honk at me
I go just over the speed limit,
and slow down at every stop sign,
just not for too long.

Driving takes a deep courage,
that has never been shown before.

Other driver's don't allow you to get in the lane.
They are not welcoming and self-centered.

Other driver's speed down the road.
They are going through life to fast.

Other drivers times you encounter the slow driver.
They are too cautious and often miss out on living.

Becoming the perfect balance of all three of these is the hardest.